Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Things

We have had a busy week in class and it has definitely been tiring, but fun. I must admit that I get really frustrated with all the blind contours- but I think we are done for the time being- the hand above should be the last one. I thought I was sick of blind contours until I had to move on to regular contour drawing- I am a novice to say the least (see above city view from window)- but hopefully it will come together in the end. I am looking forward to a nice long weekend just relaxing with my girlfriend. Maybe we will do some cooking, we like to do that for fun, plus as an added bonus you get to eat it at the end!


Shannon Hegger said...

I really like your hand. The hair on it made me laugh actually, its very interesting. For the most part you also stayed in the hand pretty well!

sezales said...

I like your contour of the city..I think it's the trees that make the city look farther back. Very cool

Sara said...

Your hand looks like it is going to shake something! I like it very much and I think you did a good job controlling all of the detail.