Thursday, September 6, 2007


So we had to do a contour of Ferguson during class the other day, and I felt like it came out decently, but I wasn't thrilled with it. After we came back to class and talked about it a little bit I decided that I would redo it with less detail, just using lines that defined form. While it did not come out like I was hoping, I think it may be the next direction to take it. I like the limited detail approach, I just need to practice some more.


Carra said...

I like both drawings the one on the top makes the building look larger than life and as if it has its own personality, whereas the picture on the bottom is more true to sight. Awesome joB!

hkdaughe said...

both of them are very good... i dont know which one i like better.

philip said...

Zach man, great job with the first drawing man, i really like the focus on the landscaping. i thought it was pretty cool that you experimented with the second one and switched the focus to the curry building. awesome man!