Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Zine Zing

So I decided to do something about office spaces, because I had a couple of Interior Design Magazines which concentrated mostly on office spaces and products. I liked doing it, but I think that I would choose something different next time I did this.
-Thanks to Interior Design for the pictures, you can check the rest of them out at www.interiordesign.net


thats just it said...

Great job with the Zine. One of my favorites. Its simple yet nice. I really like the small three dots you added to your pages. Its a small detail that shows up big. Try to add more of these small details. It will really pull your whole project together. It would also be nice to see your cover match that of the inside of your zine.
great job
keep it up

suzanne said...

I agree with your comments from Tim. The one thing I would add is to be careful when you use slanted images or text. It can create some awkward surrounding areas.

Nice analysis.