Monday, March 3, 2008

Mossman- the process

The final outcome pleased us all. We thought (and over-thought) every decision to the last detail- but the result was a cohesive and well presented board. I personally was very pleased with how we came together and took care of business.

Here are some shots of the group getting together and putting the information on a board for presentation. Decisions aren't easy in a group (as we all learned) but we were able to move forward.

Drawings based on some architectural illustrators that I liked. All images courtesy of The first inspiration image is from Nairi Haran, the second is from Frank Costantino, and the third is from Henry Zeng. Different things attracted me to the several styles, but I mostly feel as if they fell short of the goal- I do like the way that Haran has drawn trees and I think that I may attempt to incorporate the style into my drawings more.

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