Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Lloyd's of London- I love this building- I consider it to be the epitome of sexy urban design and is bold- containing the "wow" factor. I like circular tubes which run along the exterior of the building- they add a dynamic design feature which really is attractive to the eye

Roanoke Art Museum- a bold design for downtown Roanoke- I found this by coming across a discussion of what type of architecture should Greensboro look to move toward- I really like the geometric planes which seem to stick out at interesting angles and the very reflective surface of the glass-I find this building very appealing

Dancing House- This is one of the more tolerable of Gehry's works to me- I can see the representation of the dancing couple within it, but I feel like it is out of place and I am not sure how well the space functions inside the "Ginger Rogers" tower- more of a sculpture than a building

London City Hall- I like this design alot- I find this much more appealing than its phallic counterpart (the Swiss Re Tower) I like the curve of the building, it seems graceful against the stark straight lines that seem to loom over much of today's architecture

Furniturland South- I wanted to do a local building so I chose the Furnitureland South building- I hate it. With that being said its because I hate themed architecture/design. This is just hideous- I do think, however, that it serves its purpose. Nobody driving by the building can debate what industry resides there- since its main attraction is that it is the world's largest showroom and it needs to attract as much attention as possible, then I have to say it is effective- effective, but ugly

Sheth Tower I really like this design- I feel like the building is precariously balanced, and I also feel like the building is perched or positioned to be on display- The half-egg shape is nice contrasting the rounded side with the flat side- I enjoy this building quite a bit and think that it is a great example of modern architecture

Space Needle- I think this is a great landmark- built for the 1962 world's fair it provides a great viewing deck from around 520 feet. I think the most effective part of this skyscraper's contsruction was what it added to the Seattle skyline. It is now a trademark of the Pacific Northwest- Its slender legs holding up a saucer (complete with restaurant). I think that the positiong of this building is as masterful as its architecture

Louvre Pyramids- I enjoy these more than most- I can understand that they don't exactly fit in with their surroundings(a recurring theme with IM Pei) but I believe that and argument could be made otherwise- there is something pristine about the glass and how the light and fountains reflect off of them- they allow one to look through to the classic architecture while embracing this newer modern design- almost in a meeting of ages- Their simnplicity against the detailed fronts of the original buildings are another nice contrast- I do not believe that they are ill designed at all- I think they fit very nicely

Guggenheim- I think this is a very effective building in its own right- while serving its purpose the neat thing about this building is how it differs from much of what Frank Lloyd Wright did throughout most of his career with that being said- it is still very strongly a Frank Lloyd Wright piece- I believe that this is the mark of a master- the ability to do anything, yet still have it resonate your name- while its curved and graceful walls and walkways seem to be different than what he normally would design, the building's cylindrical shape and extruding square platform are steeped heavily in the geometry that dominated his work and the mission-style

The Beijing Airport- I can only imagine the awed impression that this airport must strike when flown over- I first thought of it as a wild banjo or guitar, but I love the design- the circular end and the rectangular "extension" are nice contrasts to one another, yet they do not seem to be merely stuck together, somehow the designer has managed to marry the two different shapes together into one overall effective design

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