Sunday, December 9, 2007

Foreign Magazines

PingMag was actually a cool Japanese design magazine, but it was different than what I expected. Not only is the majority of the magazine online, but it focused less on design and more on new products and how they are made. The issue I looked at was featuring a prototype convention. Everything in the magazine was very high-tech in its design, but the facade of the designs varied from traditional looking Japanese design and other was futuristic in its look. Very eclectic mix featured in this magazine, I am not sure if this indicates and eclectic mix of design in all of Japanese culture or whether this is an eclectic magazine. But the high-tech theme seems in line with the high-tech image that Japan has managed to build through years of innovation and invention.

Domus magazine is an Italian magazine which I found by someone else's suggestion. Everything that I flipped through the magazine and saw seemed very slick and cutting edge. A really nice thing about this magazine is that it is in both Italian and in English. It seems that, based on the designs, the up and coming companies and the innovative companies seem to be based in Italy. It also seemed that a lot of the design was furniture and the like, leading me to believe that Italy seems to be one of the leading modern furniture areas.

This issue of Interior Design Magazine focused on China- Some things that I noticed were that it focused on the urban areas mostly- leading me to believe that the current trend in the population is urbanization- the design in the magazine seems to indicate this same trend as everything seems very urban in its design- sleek and modern with a lot of clean lined metal and design. Interesting- similar to what I had imagined Japanese design would be like

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