Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Ellips has designed a shelf called Big Jim which took me awhile to decide if I liked. I finally decided that I did- I like the way that it appears to be a ball coming out of the wall- my main draw back was the size of the shelves- I understand, though, that you do not need to fill the shelves up, and there are alot of varying sizes, allowing quite a variety of objects to be stored on it

I think Uhuru Designs missed the mark with this table- the base looks dangerous to be near- mimicking a barber wire fence- I don't understand how something so cold and threatening could find a place for itself in someone's home or office- both of which are usually supposed to be inviting or impressive- never threatening

I came across a table in Interior Design Magazine called Sevn, it was produced by a company out of Raleigh, NC and is called Meld USA. I really like this table- it gives the illusion that the table is held up by three fingers, or tendrils- but they are thick enough to ground the table- I really like the deisgn- and some of the colors sound like alot of fun

I really hate these pieces done by Straight Line Designs- I don't get the point of having this spider-like piece sitting in the corner of your room just waiting and, obviously, serving no real purpose as they range in height from 48 to 84 inches tall- talk about anemic design

Niedermaier has put out this table that I find amazingly attractive- its sensuous curved body hinting at an hourglass shape and capped off by a thin and clean glass plane- I really like this- and I like the fact that it is available in some wild colors, not just the black

Knoll has put out a desk which I must say that I hate, but I don't know why- it might be its anemic look, it might be its childish colors, or it might be the fact that the wood grain on the drawer doesn't match anything else about the desk- or it might be all of those things- who knows?

Hartcorn Furniture + Design have put out this desk inspired by the dragonfly- while I was first attracted to this desk because of its clean lines and curved legs- my friend suggested that it looks like an interpretation of Noah's ark- an idea which I cannot get out of my head everytime that I look at this now

This coffee table from Roche-Bobois isn't unattractive- but I have to wonder what its intent is- It looks like a good place for chips and salsa during your next party to me- I would love to know the designer's intent in this cocktail table

This is a table that bothers me- while I like bringing in the outdoors as much as anybody, I can't understand how this table could be practical- it could no longer serve its original function as a table- thus ceasing to truly be a table and becoming a planter box- No thanks Nondesign

I like these tables from Chista, most notably the organic textures and holes- but the thing that makes me like them the most might also be the thing that makes me dislike them the most- that being the function of having tables with holes in them- I think a piece of glass may solve alot of problems where these tables are concerned

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