Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sustainably Green

the Lo-Speed Bench from Peter Pepper is made from 30% recycled material and the majority of it is recyclable- I really like the design of this bench, moreso for a retail or corporate setting than a residential setting- my biggest hesitation is how comfortable the aluminum material would be for sitting

Barcode is a wall covering that is uses recycled ink over and acrylic skeleton- it seems to be quite attractive, I wonder how much coverage you get and what the cost is- The textured look and feel could be a nice touch in a bland room

Here is a fun container made by Alesina Design and fashioned out of an old mailing tube. There is a laser cut hole made out of it and then the interior is varnished with bold colors- quite ingenious for reuse of a mailing tube, but can only be used for small items- wonder if it hangs on the wall

DWM Interiors is taking old pieces of furniture and recovering them in such materials as acrylic, glass, and plastics- I'm not sure how much of a consideration comfort is- nor am I sure that its look is for everyone- but certainly inventive

Meld USA has created a material made out of aggregate glass and poured cement- available for LEED points in 2 categories- I am not sure about this material because I do not know how rough the material is- it doesn't say if it is sanded or not and it also doesn't say if the material is porous or not

The company Dirtt had a good idea- they decided to eliminate the environmental impact of demolition with these temporary walls, you can simply take these panels down and move them around- since they are available in a variety of finishes they can be used in almost any setting- very smart, and very convenient- just take a look around UNCG's campus if you need proof that this is an intelligent technology

Teknion has created a storefront/window system that is LEED certified- it consists of aluminum framing and 3/8" glass panels- the really nice thing is that it is actually visually attractive

this is fabric developed by Duralee- it is 100% eco intelligent polyester- they seemed to have a variety of styles and, with the amount of fabric used in the world, I would imagine that this could make a huge impact

this is a company which does elevator interiors that are 100% recyclable and are made of 90% recycled material. They are LEED certified- I don't know how much of a difference this small amount would make, but I guess every little bit helps, and a whole bunch of littles can add up to a lot

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