Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Robert Siegel- Here is an architect who I am on the fence about- I like some of his work but none of it really "wows" me I feel its success is often in its understated design- spatial movement and lighting for example. I think his designs of a lounge at the JFK airport are a good example of this

Richard Rogers- I love Rogers' work- it is modern and bold. He is one of my favorites! His Headquarters for Lloyd's of London is really awesome and he doesn't hesitate to make a statement- he just seems to go for the WOW factor. I really like his modern, urban design.

Michael Graves- I like Michael Graves' architecture, but I find his product design the most interesting-I love his ability to take normal, everyday objects and overhaul them into something sleek, modern, sophisticated, and sexy. The nice thing is that the majority of his stuff is very affordable

Sir Norman Foster- I did not used to like much of Norman Foster's work (probably a fallout from the Swiss Re Tower) but I have grown to like it (even the Swiss Re Tower) I like the modern, urban feel rooted in his work- my favorite by him would be his design of the City Hall for London

Alvar Aalto- here is a guy I did not know much about but whom I think I am starting to like- the picture included is of a church he designed and is actually quite interesting, I like the geometry of it- reminds me alot of FLW but sleeker and more modern

Frank Gehry- here is a famous designer who I do not like- I feel like he is more of an abstract sculptor than an architect- he doesn't take much in to account when designing buildings, function seems to be completely lost- he is being sued over a building at MIT (image below) which he designed because it has problems with rain and snow buildup, leaks, mold and mildew, etc. I really think this guy is overrated-the difference between bold and stupid

IM Pei- Pei holds a unique place for me- I really enjoy alot of his designs, but I am not sure that they are appropriate for their surroundings/purpose- take for instance the rock and roll hall of fame- I love the design of this building, however, for a building dedicated to the gods of guitar I am not sure that it was the most appropriate design- the same can be said of the Louvre (though I actually like this design and don't din it as inappropriate as some do)- how the glass pyramids fit in with the classic French architecture, I am not too sure.

Le Corbusier- The jury is still out for me on Le Corbusier- I really like some of its work, but I tend to grapple with the intent of some of the things that he does- for example, I have included a picture of the Ronchamp- I like this building, but I can't help but wonder why does he angle the corner of the roof, etc. I belive that everything he did has a purpose, I just don't know what it is.
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Santiago Calatrava- Calatrava really impresses me because of how bold he is in his design without sacrificing function- I have included a picture of his design for the rotating torso- I think that this is the epitome of his design- bold and practical- probably one of the best modern designers and my personal favorite designer

Frank Lloyd Wright- I really like the geometric feel that is a huge part of Frank Lloyd wright's work- it is timeless and classic- I have included images of Falling Water- because it is one of my favorites- and of the Guggenheim- to show a piece of his work that worked away from his usual angular style but took to his geometric ideals

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